Solvent.Life™ Trading Rules

Solvent.Life™ Trading Rules

Core Principle: Patience and Progression in Trading: Trading is an art that demands patience. Your evolution from a novice to an expert trader is a progressive journey rather than a rapid race. Solvent.Life's training framework is systematically divided into two pivotal phases: the Student Phase and the Practitioner Phase. Achieving success in trading requires a steadfast commitment to adaptability and discipline throughout these stages.

Detailed Framework of Trading Behavior and Rules:

Solvent.Life's Evaluative Trading Course: Solvent.Life offers a meticulously structured Evaluation course, segmented into the Student and Practitioner phases, with the aim of cultivating your abilities to reach Master trader status. Embracing a dynamic trading strategy coupled with stringent risk management is crucial for your progression in this course. Upon achieving the designated profit target in Phase 2, your trading actions will undergo a thorough examination by our Risk Team within a 48-hour window.

Consequences of Rule Violations: Any breach of the established trading rules leads to the immediate closure of your positions, termination of your account, and forfeiture of your eligibility for payouts.

Exploration of the Evaluation Phases:

Structured Path to Trading Mastery: Solvent.Life has designed a two-phase evaluation process to meticulously assess and cultivate your trading skills, guiding you from novice to master trader status. Each phase serves a specific purpose in evaluating different aspects of your trading acumen and readiness for advanced trading challenges.

Phase 1: The Student Phase (Phase I):

  • Objective: This phase is your initiation into the trading world, where your basic trading skills and strategy application are evaluated.

  • Profit Target: You are required to achieve an 8% profit target, demonstrating your ability to generate consistent returns without violating any trading rules.

  • Transition: Upon successful completion and achievement of the profit target, you will advance to Phase II after a 24-hour transition period, allowing you time to prepare for the next set of challenges.

Phase 2: The Practitioner Phase (Phase II):

  • Objective: Building on the momentum from Phase I, this phase further evaluates your trading consistency and the ability to apply learned strategies in different market conditions.

  • Profit Target: The goal here is to attain a 5% profit target, proving your prowess in managing and growing your trading account effectively.

  • Rule Adherence: Just like in Phase I, strict adherence to trading rules is paramount, ensuring that your profit achievement is aligned with disciplined trading practices.

Purpose and Benefits of the Evaluation Phases:

  • Skill Assessment and Enhancement: The evaluation phases are designed to rigorously assess and enhance your trading skills, preparing you for the complexities of real-world trading environments.

  • Progressive Learning: Moving from the Student Phase to the Practitioner Phase allows for progressive learning and application of more advanced trading strategies and risk management principles.

  • Foundation for Advanced Trading: Successfully navigating through both phases lays a strong foundation for your future as a master trader, equipped with the necessary skills and discipline to thrive in the trading world.

By completing these evaluation phases, you demonstrate not only your trading proficiency but also your commitment to continuous learning and adherence to disciplined trading practices, key attributes that Solvent.Life values and seeks to cultivate in all its traders.

Risk Management Constraints:

Strategic Implementation of Risk Thresholds: Solvent.Life emphasizes prudent risk management by setting definitive limits on potential losses, ensuring that traders operate within a framework designed to preserve capital and sustain trading longevity. These limits are pivotal in fostering disciplined trading and risk awareness.

Specified Risk Management Parameters:

  1. Maximum Daily Loss Limit:

    • Traders are bound by a maximum daily loss limit set at 5% of the higher value between the account's initial equity or balance. This constraint is crucial in preventing substantial single-day losses and encouraging cautious trading behavior.

  2. Overall Loss Threshold:

    • The equity or balance of your trading account must not decrease to less than 90% of its original amount. This 10% maximum loss limit is a safeguard against significant drawdowns, ensuring traders maintain a buffer to recuperate from adverse market movements.

Rationale Behind Risk Management Protocols:

  • The imposition of these limits is to instill a risk-averse mindset, encouraging traders to make calculated decisions and avoid high-risk trades that could jeopardize their capital.

  • Adherence to these constraints not only protects the trader's capital but also aligns with Solvent.Life's commitment to promoting sustainable trading practices.

Consequences of Breaching Risk Limits:

  • Breaching the set risk management limits triggers an automatic review of the trader's activities, potentially leading to trading restrictions or account suspension, underscoring the importance of compliance with these guidelines.

Empowering Traders Through Defined Risk Boundaries:

  • By defining clear risk management parameters, Solvent.Life empowers traders to operate with a safety net, encouraging strategic trading while mitigating the potential for significant losses.

  • These constraints serve as a cornerstone of a robust trading strategy, ensuring that traders can persevere and capitalize on future opportunities even after facing adverse market conditions.

Trading Operational Conditions:

Flexibility in Position Management: At Solvent.Life, we provide traders with the autonomy to maintain their positions across different market scenarios, including over weekends and during significant news events. This flexibility is crucial for implementing long-term strategies and capitalizing on market movements that occur outside standard trading hours or during periods of high volatility.

Conditions for Holding Trades:

  1. Weekend Trading: Traders are allowed to keep positions open over the weekend, accommodating strategies that span multiple trading days and not limited by the typical market close on Friday evenings.

  2. News Event Trading: You have the liberty to hold trades during times of major news announcements. These periods often bring increased volatility and potential trading opportunities.

Specific Considerations for High-Impact News:

  • While trading during high-impact news events is permitted, traders should be cognizant of the heightened market volatility and potential for significant price gaps.

  • It's recommended to employ robust risk management practices during these times to mitigate the risks associated with sudden market movements.

Strategic Trading Advantage:

  • This operational flexibility enables traders to execute a variety of trading strategies that require holding positions for extended durations or capitalizing on the market dynamics induced by major news events.

  • Traders can adapt their approaches to align with their market analysis and strategic objectives, whether they are aiming for short-term gains during volatile periods or pursuing long-term positions that span over weekends and through critical news releases.

Objective of Providing Operational Flexibility:

  • Solvent.Life's trading operational conditions are designed to empower traders, giving them the freedom to navigate and leverage the markets according to their individual strategies and insights.

  • By allowing positions to be maintained during key events and over weekends, we aim to support a broad spectrum of trading styles and strategies, enhancing the overall trading experience and potential for success on our platform.

Adaptability in Trading Strategy:

Strategic Autonomy for Traders: Solvent.Life champions the principle of strategic autonomy, allowing traders the freedom to employ their preferred trading strategies and Expert Advisors (EAs). This flexibility is foundational to our approach, acknowledging that each trader has a unique style and set of tactics that work best for them.

Guidelines for Strategy Implementation:

  1. Diverse Strategy Use: Traders are encouraged to apply any trading strategy that they find effective, whether it's based on technical analysis, fundamental analysis, or a combination of both.

  2. Expert Advisor (EA) Utilization: The use of Expert Advisors is permitted, enabling traders to automate their strategies and take advantage of algorithmic trading.

Boundaries of Strategy Flexibility:

  1. Prohibition of Exploitative Practices: While Solvent.Life promotes strategic flexibility, it strictly prohibits the use of any strategies that exploit platform vulnerabilities. Such practices are deemed unfair and can lead to immediate account termination.

  2. Compliance with Trading Rules: All trading strategies and EAs must operate within the framework of Solvent.Life's trading rules and ethical standards.

Objective of Encouraging Strategic Flexibility:

  • Personalized Trading Experience: By allowing traders to use their chosen strategies and EAs, Solvent.Life aims to provide a personalized trading environment that caters to individual preferences and methodologies.

  • Innovation and Creativity: Encouraging a diverse array of trading strategies fosters innovation and creativity within the trading community, contributing to the overall dynamism and competitiveness of the market.

Ensuring Fair Play: Despite the broad leeway given for strategy selection, Solvent.Life maintains a vigilant stance against any form of strategy that undermines the integrity of trading activities. This balance ensures that all traders have a fair and equitable platform to showcase their trading prowess.

Diverse Trading Instruments:

Extensive Range of Trading Options: Solvent.Life offers traders a broad spectrum of tradable instruments, enabling them to diversify their portfolios and explore various market sectors. Our selection includes Forex pairs, Cryptocurrencies, Indices, Metals, and Energy commodities, each offering unique opportunities and market dynamics.

Instrument Categories and Details:

  1. Forex: Engage in currency trading, leveraging the fluctuations in exchange rates between different global currencies.

  2. Cryptocurrencies: Tap into the dynamic and evolving crypto market, trading popular digital currencies.

  3. Indices: Access broad market exposure by trading indices that represent the performance of a segment of the stock market.

  4. Metals: Diversify your portfolio by trading precious and industrial metals, which can serve as a hedge against market volatility.

  5. Energies: Participate in the energy sector by trading commodities like oil and natural gas, which are crucial to global economies.

Commission Structure:

  • Instrument-Specific Commissions: Some trading instruments come with associated commissions, which are fees charged per trade or lot traded. These commissions vary depending on the specific instrument and market conditions.

  • Commission-Free Options: Solvent.Life also provides the opportunity to trade certain instruments without any commissions, allowing for cost-effective trading experiences.

Trader's Benefit: This diverse array of trading instruments, coupled with a transparent commission structure, empowers you as a trader to tailor your trading strategies across different markets and conditions. Whether you're looking to focus on a single asset class or diversify across several, Solvent.Life provides the tools and options to align with your trading goals and strategies.

Strategic Importance: By offering a wide range of tradable instruments and clear commission details, Solvent.Life aims to equip traders with the flexibility to navigate and capitalize on various market environments, enhancing their potential for success and portfolio diversification.

Account Management and Surveillance:

Fundamentals of Account Management: Upon enrolling in Solvent.Life's evaluation program, traders are assigned specific login credentials that are pivotal for accessing their trading account. These credentials are a critical component of our account management framework, designed to ensure secure and individualized access to our trading platform.

Non-Permissible Actions:

  1. Credential Modification: Traders are strictly prohibited from altering their provided login details. This measure is in place to safeguard account integrity and prevent unauthorized access.

  2. Account Sharing: Sharing account access with others is against Solvent.Life's policies. Each account is to be used exclusively by the individual to whom it was assigned.

Surveillance and Compliance Monitoring: Solvent.Life employs advanced monitoring systems to oversee trading activities across all accounts. This surveillance is integral to ensuring compliance with our trading rules and maintaining a fair and secure trading environment.

Monitoring Objectives:

  1. Rule Adherence: Continuous monitoring helps ensure that all trading activities comply with Solvent.Life's established rules and guidelines.

  2. Anomaly Detection: The system is designed to identify unusual trading patterns or behaviors that could indicate rule violations or security issues.

Procedure in Case of Non-Compliance:

  1. Immediate Investigation: Any detected non-compliance or suspicious activity triggers an immediate investigation to understand the context and severity of the issue.

  2. Potential Consequences: Depending on the investigation's outcome, consequences may include trading restrictions, account suspension, or termination.

Trader's Responsibility: Traders are expected to maintain the confidentiality of their login information and adhere to all trading and account management rules. They should promptly report any suspected security breaches or unauthorized account activities to Solvent.Life's support team.

Objective of Account Management and Surveillance: This comprehensive approach to account management and surveillance is designed to protect the interests of both the traders and Solvent.Life. By ensuring strict adherence to guidelines and monitoring for compliance, we aim to uphold the highest standards of trading integrity and security on our platform.

Reward System and Profit Distribution:

Overview of the Reward System: At Solvent.Life, we value the hard work and success of our traders. To honor this, we have established a robust reward system and profit distribution mechanism that ensures fair and timely rewards for your trading achievements.

Profit Distribution Models:

  1. Standard Profit Distribution: Traders receive payouts every 5 days, reflecting their trading performance. Under this model, traders are entitled to an 80% share of the profits generated, fostering a rewarding environment for consistent trading success.

  2. On-Demand Profit Distribution: For traders who achieve the Hot Seat status by demonstrating exceptional trading proficiency and consistency, Solvent.Life offers an On-Demand payout option. This model allows for a 90% profit share, providing a higher reward for outstanding trading achievements.

Eligibility for On-Demand Profit Distribution:

  1. Achievement of Hot Seat status, which is determined by consistent trading success and adherence to Solvent.Life's rules and guidelines.

  2. Submission of a request for On-Demand payouts, subject to approval based on your trading history and performance.

Process of Profit Distribution:

  1. Calculation of Profits: Profits are calculated based on the net positive results of your trading activities over the designated period.

  2. Notification: Traders are notified of their upcoming payout and the corresponding profit share percentage.

  3. Payout Execution: Payouts are processed and transferred to the traders' designated accounts, ensuring timely access to their earned rewards.

Objective of the Reward System and Profit Distribution:

The reward system and profit distribution mechanism at Solvent.Life are designed to incentivize and acknowledge the dedication, skill, and success of our traders. By offering competitive profit shares and flexible payout options, we aim to cultivate a motivating trading environment that rewards achievement and supports the financial goals of our traders. This framework reflects our commitment to providing a supportive and lucrative platform for traders to thrive and excel.

Opportunities for Growth:

Framework for Advancement: Solvent.Life recognizes and rewards traders who demonstrate consistent proficiency and strategic acumen in their trading activities. To facilitate this, we have established a comprehensive growth framework that offers enhanced trading conditions and opportunities for capital increase.

Criteria for Qualification:

  1. Consistent achievement of profit targets across multiple trading phases.

  2. Adherence to all trading rules and risk management guidelines.

  3. Demonstrated ability to adapt and excel in various market conditions.

Growth Opportunities Offered:

  1. Capital Increase: Traders who meet the qualification criteria can be eligible for an increase in their trading capital. This provides an opportunity to trade with more substantial resources, potentially leading to higher earnings.

  2. Improved Trading Conditions: Qualifying traders may receive access to improved trading conditions. These enhancements can include lower commissions, tighter spreads, or increased leverage, all designed to optimize trading performance.

Process for Accessing Growth Opportunities:

  1. Performance Review: Traders interested in growth opportunities must undergo a performance review. This review assesses their trading history, consistency of profits, and adherence to Solvent.Life's trading protocols.

  2. Application for Growth Opportunities: Following a successful performance review, traders can apply for growth opportunities. The application must detail their trading achievements and how they plan to utilize the enhanced conditions or increased capital.

  3. Approval and Implementation: Upon approval, traders will be notified about the specifics of their growth opportunity, including any new terms or adjustments to their trading account. Implementation of these changes is done promptly to allow traders to capitalize on their new trading environment.

Objective of Offering Growth Opportunities:

The primary goal of providing these growth opportunities is to encourage and reward traders who demonstrate exceptional skill, discipline, and consistency. Solvent.Life is committed to fostering a trading environment that not only challenges traders but also provides them with the means to evolve and achieve higher levels of trading success. This approach aligns with our dedication to supporting our traders' aspirations and contributing to their continuous development in the trading landscape.nce.

Account Consolidation Post-Evaluation:

Objective and Scope of Account Consolidation: Upon successful completion of the Evaluation course, including the Student Phase (Phase I) and the Practitioner Phase (Phase II), Solvent.Life offers traders the option to consolidate their Master/Funded accounts. This consolidation process is designed to streamline your trading experience, allowing for more efficient management of multiple accounts.

Eligibility Criteria for Account Consolidation:

  1. Successful completion of both evaluation phases.

  2. Possession of more than one Master/Funded account with Solvent.Life.

  3. All accounts considered for consolidation must be in good standing, with no ongoing violations or pending investigations.

Consolidation Request Process: To initiate the account consolidation process, you must submit a formal request to Solvent.Life's support team. The request should include the following information:

  1. Account details of each Master/Funded account you wish to consolidate.

  2. Justification or reasoning for the desired consolidation.

  3. Your preferred primary account (the account into which the others will be merged).

Review and Approval Process: Upon receiving your consolidation request, Solvent.Life's support team will review the following:

  1. The compliance status of each account.

  2. The trading history and performance of each account.

  3. The potential impact of consolidation on your trading strategy and risk management.

Following a thorough review, Solvent.Life will communicate the decision regarding your consolidation request. If approved, you will receive detailed instructions on the next steps and any actions required on your part.

Execution of Account Consolidation: Upon approval, Solvent.Life will proceed with the consolidation process, merging the specified accounts into your designated primary account. You will be notified once the consolidation is complete, along with any relevant changes to account terms or conditions.

Post-Consolidation Guidelines: After consolidation, it is crucial to review and understand any changes to your account's structure or terms. You should also adjust your trading strategy and risk management practices as necessary to accommodate the new account configuration.

Objective of Account Consolidation: This consolidation process is aimed at enhancing your trading efficiency and simplifying the management of multiple accounts. Solvent.Life ensures that the process is conducted with utmost transparency and in alignment with your trading goals and strategies.

Refund Policy:

Precise Conditions for Fee Refund Eligibility: At Solvent.Life, we offer a transparent and specific refund policy to support your trading journey. After you have successfully completed both the Student Phase (Phase I) and the Practitioner Phase (Phase II) of our Evaluation course, you become eligible for a refund of the fees paid. This refund is meticulously processed and provided in conjunction with your fourth payout.

Mechanism of Refund Allocation: The refund is not issued immediately but is strategically scheduled to align with the timing of your fourth payout. This ensures a streamlined and clear process, allowing you to receive both your earned profits and the fee refund concurrently.

Eligibility Criteria for the Refund: To qualify for the refund, you must adhere to all trading rules and successfully pass both evaluation phases. The refund is specifically tied to the fee you initially paid to enroll in the Evaluation course, serving as a reward for your dedication and successful navigation through the course's rigorous requirements.

Process of Refund Initiation: Once you reach the milestone of your fourth payout, having met all the necessary criteria, the refund process is automatically initiated. You do not need to submit any additional requests or paperwork; the refund is processed as a part of our commitment to acknowledging and rewarding your trading success.

Refund as an Incentive for Trader Excellence: This refund policy is designed to motivate traders to maintain high standards of discipline and strategic acumen throughout their trading journey. It is a testament to Solvent.Life's commitment to fostering a supportive and rewarding environment for traders who demonstrate commitment and proficiency in their trading endeavors.

Account Activity Requirement:

Mandatory Activity Threshold: Solvent.Life enforces a stringent account activity requirement to ensure continuous engagement and trading proficiency. Your account must exhibit trading activity within a consecutive 30-day window. This means that at least one trade must be executed or an existing position should be adjusted within any given 30-day period to confirm active trading status.

Consequences of Inactivity: Should your account fail to demonstrate any trading activity for a continuous stretch of 30 days, it triggers an automatic review process. In the absence of any trading action – such as opening a new trade, closing an existing position, or modifying an ongoing trade – your account will be subject to automatic suspension.

Reactivation Process: In the event of suspension due to inactivity, reactivating your account involves reaching out to Solvent.Life's support team. You'll need to explain the reason for inactivity and undergo a review process. The reactivation is at Solvent.Life's discretion, based on the assessment of your trading account's history and your commitment to resuming trading activities.

Purpose Behind the Activity Requirement: This requirement is designed to encourage consistent trading engagement and to deter neglect of the trading account. It ensures that all traders under Solvent.Life's program are actively participating and utilizing their accounts, thereby maintaining a dynamic and proactive trading community.

Monitoring and Notification: Solvent.Life actively monitors the activity status of all trading accounts. In case your account is nearing the 30-day inactivity threshold, you may receive notifications reminding you to engage in trading activity to avoid suspension.

Ensuring Compliance: Traders are advised to keep a regular check on their trading activities and ensure that they engage with their accounts within the stipulated time frame. This not only aids in avoiding account suspension but also aligns with Solvent.Life's ethos of fostering a vibrant and active trading community.

In-Depth Elucidation of the IP Address Consistency Requirement at Solvent.Life:

Fundamental Necessity for IP Address Stability: Solvent.Life mandates a crucial requirement for maintaining consistency in the IP address regions from which you access your trading account. This requirement is in place to ensure security and authenticity, preventing unauthorized access and maintaining the integrity of your trading activities.

IP Address Consistency Across Trading Phases: Whether you are in the Student Phase (Phase I) or the Practitioner Phase (Phase II), it is imperative that your trading activities originate from a consistent IP address region. Discrepancies in the geographical location of your IP address could trigger security protocols, leading to a review of your account's activities.

Notification Requirement for Travel or Location Change: If you plan to travel or change your location significantly, it is mandatory to notify Solvent.Life's support team in advance. This pre-emptive communication allows Solvent.Life to adjust their monitoring systems and ensures that your trading is not mistakenly flagged as suspicious due to an unexpected change in your IP address region.

Procedure for Reporting Travel or Change of Location: To report a change in your trading location, contact Solvent.Life's support team with the following information:

  1. The reason for the change in IP address region.

  2. The anticipated duration of your stay at the new location.

  3. The new IP address region from which you will be trading.

Implications of Non-Compliance: Failure to maintain IP address consistency or to notify Solvent.Life of significant location changes can result in temporary restrictions on your account or a detailed investigation to confirm the legitimacy of your trading activities. This is to prevent any fraudulent activities and to uphold the security standards of Solvent.Life's trading environment.

Objective of the IP Address Consistency Requirement: This protocol is designed to enhance the security framework of Solvent.Life's trading platform, ensuring that all trading activities are conducted in a secure and monitored environment. It helps in the early detection of any irregularities or unauthorized access, thereby safeguarding your interests and those of the trading community at Solvent.Life.

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