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Data Processing Agreement

Data Processing Agreement

This Data Processing Agreement (DPA) outlines the terms and conditions under which Solvent.Life processes personal data on behalf of its users and clients, in compliance with applicable data protection laws and regulations. This DPA is integral to ensuring the privacy, security, and integrity of personal data handled by Solvent.Life.

Objective and Precise Scope:

This provision unambiguously specifies the exact parameters and limitations governing Solvent.Life's engagement in the processing of personal data, for the purpose of delivering its outlined services. It concretely defines the scope to include all operational phases of personal data handling by Solvent.Life, which are enumerated as follows:

  1. Data Acquisition: The initial collection of personal data from data subjects or third-party sources, explicitly limited to information essential for the provision of Solvent.Life’s services. This encompasses data collected directly from individuals through online forms, customer interactions, and indirect collection via third parties authorized by the data subject.

  2. Data Storage: The retention of collected personal data within Solvent.Life’s secured data storage systems. This includes details on the encryption of data at rest, the physical and virtual security measures protecting data storage locations, and the protocols establishing the duration of data retention, consistent with legal requirements and the necessity for service provision.

  3. Data Manipulation: Detailed procedures and methodologies employed in the processing of personal data, including but not limited to, data analysis, processing for billing and service delivery purposes, personalization of services, and data enrichment practices aimed at enhancing service quality. This explicitly covers the methods of data anonymization or pseudonymization where applicable, to minimize risks to data subject privacy.

  4. Data Utilization: The specific use cases for which personal data is processed by Solvent.Life, strictly correlating with the services provided and consent obtained. This includes the development of new services or features, improvement of user experience, and compliance with contractual obligations to service users.

  5. Data Sharing: Clear stipulations on the conditions under which personal data may be shared with third parties, including sub-processors or regulatory bodies. This section delineates the protective measures and contractual obligations imposed on third parties to ensure the continued protection of personal data in accordance with Solvent.Life’s privacy standards and applicable laws.

  6. Data Disposition: The protocols for the secure deletion or anonymization of personal data once it is no longer necessary for the provision of services or upon expiration of the legal retention period. This includes procedures for the secure destruction of data to ensure that it cannot be reconstructed or retrieved, and protocols for the return of data to data subjects or transfer to another data controller, as dictated by data subject requests or contractual obligations.

Legal Compliance Assurance:

Solvent.Life unequivocally declares its unwavering commitment to the scrupulous processing of personal data, ensuring absolute conformity with the entire spectrum of relevant data protection statutes and regulatory mandates. This pledge encompasses a comprehensive adherence strategy to the following specific legal instruments and principles:

  1. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): Solvent.Life commits to full compliance with GDPR provisions, which includes but is not limited to, ensuring lawful basis for data processing, executing Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) for high-risk processing activities, appointing a Data Protection Officer (DPO) where required, and adhering to the principles of data minimization, accuracy, and integrity. Solvent.Life also assures the implementation of GDPR’s stringent requirements for data subject rights, such as the right to be informed, the right of access, the right to rectification, the right to erasure ("right to be forgotten"), the right to restrict processing, the right to data portability, the right to object, and the rights related to automated decision-making and profiling.

  2. California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA): Solvent.Life guarantees compliance with CCPA mandates, ensuring the protection of privacy rights of California residents by facilitating their rights to notice, access, deletion, and the right to opt-out of the sale of personal information. Furthermore, Solvent.Life affirms its commitment to providing transparent disclosures and maintaining strict data handling procedures to comply with CCPA’s provisions regarding the collection, processing, and sharing of personal information.

  3. Additional Applicable Legal Frameworks: Beyond GDPR and CCPA, Solvent.Life acknowledges and commits to adherence to any other relevant international, federal, and state data protection laws and regulations that pertain to its operations and data processing activities. This includes, but is not limited to, compliance with the UK's Data Protection Act 2018, Brazil's Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados (LGPD), and any other jurisdiction-specific data protection and privacy regulations that are applicable to Solvent.Life’s global operations.

  4. Adaptation to Evolving Legal Standards and Regulatory Updates: Solvent.Life proactively monitors and evaluates changes in data protection laws, privacy regulations, and industry best practices. It commits to agile adaptation and updates to its data processing policies, practices, and systems to ensure ongoing compliance with new legal requirements and regulatory standards as they emerge.

  5. Training and Awareness: Solvent.Life ensures that its staff, especially those directly involved in the processing of personal data, receive regular training on data protection laws, privacy best practices, and specific compliance requirements related to GDPR, CCPA, and other applicable regulations. This is to cultivate a culture of privacy and compliance throughout the organization.

  6. Documentation and Record Keeping: Solvent.Life maintains comprehensive records of data processing activities, demonstrating compliance with applicable laws. This includes documenting the purposes of processing, data sharing agreements, consent records where applicable, DPIA outcomes, and records of data subject requests and the responses to them.

Data Protection Measures:

Solvent.Life pledges to the establishment and perpetual enhancement of a cohesive framework of technical and organizational safeguards. These safeguards are meticulously crafted to bolster the security of personal data against unauthorized access, unlawful alteration, unwarranted disclosure, or destruction. The architecture of this protective framework incorporates the following detailed components:

  1. Advanced Encryption Technologies: Solvent.Life employs state-of-the-art encryption methodologies to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of personal data both in transit and at rest. This includes the use of strong encryption standards such as AES-256 for data at rest and TLS 1.3 for data in transit, providing robust protection against interception, snooping, or tampering by unauthorized parties.

  2. Secure Data Storage Solutions: All personal data is stored in secure, ISO/IEC 27001 certified data centers that provide physical and environmental security controls to protect against unauthorized access, natural disasters, and other potential threats to data integrity. Data storage solutions are equipped with redundancy, backup, and disaster recovery mechanisms to ensure data availability and resilience.

  3. Stringent Access Controls: Access to personal data is strictly governed by a role-based access control (RBAC) system, ensuring that only authorized personnel with a legitimate need to access the data can do so. This includes multifactor authentication (MFA) for all users accessing sensitive data, comprehensive logging of access events, and regular review and adjustment of access privileges to prevent excessive or outdated access rights.

  4. Comprehensive Data Monitoring Protocols: Solvent.Life implements continuous monitoring and anomaly detection systems to identify and respond to potential security incidents in real-time. This includes the deployment of intrusion detection systems (IDS), security information and event management (SIEM) solutions, and regular vulnerability scanning to detect and remediate potential security weaknesses promptly.

  5. Data Minimization and Lifecycle Management: Solvent.Life adheres to the principles of data minimization, collecting only the data that is directly relevant and necessary for the specified purposes. Data lifecycle management policies ensure the timely deletion or anonymization of personal data once it is no longer required for the original purpose or upon expiration of the legal retention period.

  6. Employee Training and Awareness Programs: All employees are required to undergo regular training on data protection principles, secure data handling practices, and the specific security measures implemented by Solvent.Life. This ensures that all personnel are aware of their responsibilities in maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of personal data.

  7. Incident Response and Data Breach Notification Procedures: Solvent.Life maintains a formal incident response plan to swiftly address and mitigate the effects of any data security breach. This plan includes protocols for internal reporting, assessment, containment, and remediation, as well as timely notification to affected individuals and relevant regulatory authorities in accordance with legal requirements.

Sub-Processor Engagement and Compliance:

This provision delineates the stringent framework and specific criteria under which Solvent.Life is authorized to engage sub-processors for the management and processing of personal data. It mandates the institution of a comprehensive vetting process and the execution of legally enforceable contracts with sub-processors. These contracts are designed to ensure sub-processor adherence to the directives of this Data Processing Agreement (DPA), compliance with all relevant data protection regulations, and the upholding of data security practices that meet or exceed the standards implemented by Solvent.Life. Detailed components of this framework include:

  1. Sub-Processor Selection Criteria: Solvent.Life employs a meticulous selection process for sub-processors, requiring a thorough evaluation of their data protection policies, security measures, and compliance track records. This process includes assessing potential sub-processors’ technical and organizational measures for data protection, their ability to fulfill contractual obligations, and their adherence to privacy laws and standards relevant to the data being processed.

  2. Legally Binding Agreements: Prior to engagement, Solvent.Life and the sub-processor will enter into a contractual agreement that explicitly stipulates the sub-processor's obligations concerning data protection, confidentiality, and security. This agreement will incorporate data processing terms that reflect the obligations of Solvent.Life under its DPA with its clients, ensuring a chain of compliance that extends to all subcontracted data processing activities.

  3. Specific Data Protection Obligations: The agreement with each sub-processor will specify their obligations to process personal data in alignment with the purposes authorized by Solvent.Life, implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data, and promptly notify Solvent.Life of any data incidents or breaches. It will also detail the sub-processor’s duties to assist Solvent.Life in fulfilling data subject rights requests and in ensuring compliance with data protection impact assessments (DPIAs), audits, and regulatory inquiries.

  4. Audit and Inspection Rights: Solvent.Life reserves the right to conduct, or have conducted on its behalf, audits and inspections of the sub-processor’s facilities and practices to verify compliance with the data protection obligations stipulated in the agreement. This may include reviewing certifications, third-party audit reports, or conducting on-site inspections to ensure the integrity of data processing operations.

  5. Data Transfer Restrictions: The agreement will contain restrictions and safeguards regarding the transfer of personal data, ensuring that any cross-border data transfers comply with international data protection regulations, such as the GDPR's requirements for data transfers outside the European Economic Area (EEA).

  6. Liability Clauses: Sub-processors will be contractually liable to Solvent.Life for failing to fulfill their data protection obligations. The agreements will detail the mechanisms for liability, including indemnification clauses for damages incurred by Solvent.Life or its clients due to the sub-processor’s non-compliance or security breaches.

  7. Termination Rights: Solvent.Life retains the right to terminate the agreement with a sub-processor if they fail to comply with their data protection obligations or if they process personal data in a manner unauthorized by Solvent.Life. Upon termination, the sub-processor is required to delete or return all personal data to Solvent.Life, depending on the terms of the agreement.

Data Subject Rights Enforcement:

This section articulates the specific protocols and mechanisms that Solvent.Life has developed and implemented to efficiently and effectively respond to and fulfill requests from data subjects exercising their rights under applicable data protection legislation. These rights, which are comprehensively respected and facilitated by Solvent.Life, include but are not limited to the right of access, rectification, erasure ("right to be forgotten"), data portability, objection to processing, and restriction of processing. The enforcement of these rights is detailed as follows:

  1. Right of Access: Solvent.Life provides a secure, user-friendly online portal through which data subjects can submit requests to access their personal data. Upon verification of the data subject's identity, Solvent.Life commits to providing a complete copy of the data subject's personal data in its possession within one month of the request, detailing the purposes of processing, the categories of personal data processed, and any recipients of the data.

  2. Right to Rectification: In the event that personal data held by Solvent.Life is inaccurate or incomplete, data subjects may utilize the aforementioned portal to submit a rectification request. Solvent.Life ensures the prompt correction or completion of the data, typically within 14 days, and notifies any third parties to whom the data has been disclosed of the rectification where feasible.

  3. Right to Erasure: Solvent.Life has established clear procedures for data subjects to request the deletion of their personal data when it is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected, consent is withdrawn, or it has been unlawfully processed. Solvent.Life reviews and processes such requests within one month, ensuring the removal of the data from all systems and notifying any third parties involved in the processing of the data subject's request for erasure.

  4. Right to Data Portability: Data subjects have the right to receive their personal data in a structured, commonly used, and machine-readable format and to transmit that data to another controller. Solvent.Life facilitates this process through its online portal, allowing data subjects to securely download their data or directly transfer it to another entity where technically feasible.

  5. Right to Object and Restrict Processing: Data subjects are empowered to object to the processing of their personal data based on grounds relating to their particular situation, including processing for direct marketing, research, or statistical purposes. Solvent.Life provides mechanisms for submitting such objections and processes them promptly, typically halting processing while reviewing the basis of the objection. Similarly, data subjects can request the restriction of processing of their personal data under certain conditions, such as when the accuracy of the data is contested.

  6. Automated Individual Decision-making, Including Profiling: Solvent.Life acknowledges the data subject's right not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing, including profiling, which produces legal effects concerning him or her. Solvent.Life ensures transparency in any automated decision-making processes and provides means for data subjects to request human intervention, express their point of view, and contest the decision.

Data Breach Response Protocol:

Solvent.Life has developed a comprehensive and methodical approach to managing and responding to personal data breaches, ensuring compliance with legal obligations for notification and mitigation. This protocol is structured to provide immediate, transparent, and effective communication to both regulatory authorities and the individuals impacted by a data breach. The specifics of this protocol include:

  1. Initial Detection and Assessment: Upon detection of a potential data breach, Solvent.Life initiates an immediate investigation to assess the scope, nature, and severity of the breach. This assessment determines the type of data involved, identifies the data subjects potentially impacted, and evaluates the risks to their rights and freedoms.

  2. Notification to Regulatory Authorities: If the breach poses a risk to the rights and freedoms of individuals, Solvent.Life commits to notifying the relevant data protection authority (DPA) without undue delay, and where feasible, no later than 72 hours after having become aware of it. This notification includes:

    • A description of the nature of the personal data breach including, where possible, the categories and approximate number of data subjects concerned, and the categories and approximate number of personal data records involved.

    • The name and contact details of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) or another contact point where more information can be obtained.

    • A description of the likely consequences of the personal data breach.

    • A description of the measures taken or proposed to be taken by Solvent.Life to address the personal data breach, including, where appropriate, measures to mitigate its possible adverse effects.

  3. Communication to Affected Individuals: When the personal data breach is likely to result in a high risk to the rights and freedoms of natural persons, Solvent.Life communicates the breach to the affected data subjects without undue delay. This communication is clear, understandable, and contains:

    • A concise description of the data breach and its potential impact.

    • Specific categories of data involved.

    • Recommended measures that individuals can take to protect themselves.

    • Contact details for further information or support (e.g., Data Protection Officer).

    • Information about remedial actions already taken or planned by Solvent.Life.

  4. Mitigation Efforts: Concurrently with the notification process, Solvent.Life implements all possible measures to contain, mitigate, and rectify the breach. This includes, but is not limited to, securing affected systems, preventing unauthorized access, and restoring the integrity of the data system.

  5. Documentation and Record-Keeping: All personal data breaches, regardless of their nature or severity, are documented in an internal register. This documentation includes the facts surrounding the breach, its effects, and the remedial actions taken. This record serves both as a tool to assess the ongoing risk and effectiveness of Solvent.Life’s response measures and to provide transparency for regulatory scrutiny.

  6. Review and Continuous Improvement: Following the management and resolution of a data breach, Solvent.Life conducts a thorough review of the incident and its handling. This review aims to identify any deficiencies in existing security and breach response protocols and to implement necessary improvements to prevent future breaches.

Auditing and Compliance Verification:

Solvent.Life has instituted a robust framework to facilitate thorough audits and compliance verification processes by data controllers, and under specific conditions, by relevant regulatory authorities. This framework is designed to affirm Solvent.Life's steadfast compliance with the Data Processing Agreement (DPA) and all pertinent data protection laws. The specifics of this framework are delineated as follows:

  1. Initiation of Audits: The data controller reserves the right to initiate an audit or compliance verification exercise pertaining to Solvent.Life’s data processing practices at any time, provided that reasonable notice is given to Solvent.Life. Such notice should specify the scope, timing, and nature of the audit to ensure minimal disruption to Solvent.Life's operations. Regulatory authorities may also initiate audits in accordance with legal mandates, without the necessity for advance notice.

  2. Scope of Audits: The scope of these audits can encompass, but is not limited to, an examination of Solvent.Life’s adherence to data protection principles, the effectiveness of its data security measures, the accuracy of data processing records, compliance with data subject rights, and the integrity of its sub-processor engagements. Audits may involve physical inspections of data processing facilities, interviews with relevant personnel, and review of policies, procedures, and documentation related to data processing activities.

  3. Access and Assistance: Solvent.Life commits to granting auditors appointed by the data controller, or regulatory authorities, full access to its facilities, operations, documents, records, and personnel as necessary to conduct a thorough audit. This includes access to system logs, data processing records, security protocols, and any other documentation deemed relevant to the audit's scope. Solvent.Life also agrees to provide reasonable assistance to facilitate the audit, including, but not limited to, offering explanations of processing activities, demonstrating security measures, and making knowledgeable staff available for interviews.

  4. Confidentiality During Audits: Recognizing the sensitivity of the information and processes being reviewed, all parties involved in the audit commit to maintaining strict confidentiality regarding Solvent.Life’s data processing activities, security measures, and any findings or recommendations resulting from the audit. Confidentiality agreements may be required from auditors or regulatory authorities prior to the commencement of the audit.

  5. Audit Findings and Compliance Improvement: Upon completion of an audit, a detailed report outlining the findings, any areas of non-compliance, and recommendations for remedial actions will be provided to Solvent.Life. Solvent.Life commits to addressing any identified compliance gaps promptly and to implementing recommended improvements to its data processing practices and security measures. A timeline for corrective actions will be established, and progress updates will be provided to the data controller or the regulatory authority, as applicable.

  6. Regular Compliance Reviews: In addition to audits initiated by the data controller or regulatory authorities, Solvent.Life will conduct regular internal reviews of its compliance with data protection laws and the DPA. These reviews aim to proactively identify and rectify potential compliance issues and to ensure continuous improvement in data protection practices.

International Data Transfer Regulations:

This section of Solvent.Life’s Data Processing Agreement (DPA) meticulously outlines the stringent conditions and protective legal frameworks that must be adhered to when transferring personal data beyond the borders of the European Economic Area (EEA) or other territories that enforce strict data transfer protocols. The objective is to guarantee that Solvent.Life maintains the integrity and protection of personal data in accordance with high privacy standards, comparable to those mandated within the EEA, regardless of the geographical location of the data processing. The clause incorporates several key elements to ensure compliance with international data protection requirements:

  1. Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs): Solvent.Life adopts SCCs approved by the European Commission as a primary mechanism for the transfer of personal data to countries not recognized as offering an adequate level of data protection. The SCCs constitute a set of legally binding obligations imposed on the data importer and the data exporter, ensuring that the processing and protection of the transferred data meet EU privacy standards.

  2. Privacy Shield Framework: For transfers to entities in jurisdictions that have been recognized under the Privacy Shield framework, such as the United States, Solvent.Life ensures that the receiving party is certified under the Privacy Shield, which mandates adherence to principles ensuring a level of data protection comparable to EU standards. Note: The Privacy Shield framework's validity as a mechanism for data transfer should be verified against the current legal context, as its acceptability may evolve.

  3. Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs): In cases where Solvent.Life engages in intra-group international data transfers, the company may implement BCRs, which are internal rules approved by European data protection authorities. BCRs ensure that all entities within the corporate group maintain consistent and enforceable privacy standards and practices, equivalent to the level of protection required in the EU, across all jurisdictions in which they operate.

  4. Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs): Prior to any international transfer, Solvent.Life conducts a DPIA to evaluate and document the risks associated with the data transfer and to identify measures to mitigate those risks. This assessment includes considerations of the legal framework and practices of the recipient country, the nature of the data being transferred, and the purpose of the processing.

  5. Consent and Transparency: When applicable, Solvent.Life obtains explicit consent from data subjects for the international transfer of their personal data, clearly informing them about the reasons for the transfer, the destination country, and the protective measures in place.

  6. Regular Review and Monitoring: Solvent.Life commits to regular review and monitoring of the legal frameworks and practices governing international data transfers, adapting its policies and practices as necessary to remain in compliance with evolving legal requirements and standards.

  7. Cooperation with Supervisory Authorities: Solvent.Life agrees to work closely with relevant supervisory authorities and to follow their guidance on the adequacy of protection measures for personal data transferred internationally.

Agreement Duration, Termination, and Post-Termination Obligations:

This critical section of the Data Processing Agreement (DPA) between Solvent.Life and its clients or data controllers provides a comprehensive framework detailing the lifecycle of the agreement, including its initiation, potential termination, and the procedures that must be followed after termination to ensure the continued protection of personal data. This framework is outlined as follows:

  1. Effective Duration of the DPA:

    • The DPA becomes effective on the date it is signed by both parties and remains in effect for a predetermined period as specified within the agreement, or until the completion of the provision of services by Solvent.Life, whichever comes first.

    • The agreement also outlines any conditions under which the agreement may automatically renew or extend, such as the continuation of service provision beyond the initial term.

  2. Conditions for Termination:

    • Specific conditions under which either Solvent.Life or the data controller may terminate the agreement are detailed. These conditions could include breach of contract, failure to comply with data protection laws, insolvency, or changes in legal or regulatory requirements making the continuation of the agreement untenable.

    • The agreement stipulates any required notice period for termination, typically ranging from 30 to 90 days, allowing both parties sufficient time to prepare for the cessation of services and the secure handling of personal data.

  3. Obligations Upon Termination:

    • Upon termination, Solvent.Life is obligated to cease all data processing activities on behalf of the data controller except as legally required or as necessary to conclude the services under the terms of the agreement.

    • Solvent.Life must then, at the direction of the data controller, either delete or return all personal data processed under the agreement. This includes any copies of the data stored in any form, ensuring that no data remains in Solvent.Life’s possession or control.

    • The method and terms of deletion or return of the data, including the format in which data will be returned, are clearly defined. The agreement specifies any conditions under which Solvent.Life is permitted to retain copies of the data, such as for compliance with legal obligations.

    • Solvent.Life is required to provide certification to the data controller that it has complied with its data deletion or return obligations, ensuring transparency and accountability.

  4. Post-Termination Data Handling:

    • The DPA outlines the requirements for Solvent.Life regarding the secure handling of personal data post-termination, including ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of the data during the deletion or return process.

    • Solvent.Life must also ensure that any sub-processors or third parties involved in the processing of personal data under the agreement adhere to the same post-termination data handling obligations.

  5. Audit Rights Post-Termination:

    • The data controller retains the right to conduct, or have conducted, audits of Solvent.Life’s compliance with the termination obligations specified in the DPA, including the secure deletion or return of personal data.

Indemnification and Liability Clauses: These provisions clearly define the scope of liability and indemnification responsibilities of Solvent.Life in the event of non-compliance with the DPA or applicable data protection laws, including potential financial liabilities and the conditions under which indemnification claims can be made by affected parties.

Request for the Data Processing Agreement (DPA) and Inquiries:

Individuals seeking to obtain the full version of the Data Processing Agreement (DPA) or who have inquiries regarding the specifics of data processing practices at Solvent.Life are directed to contact the legal department via legal@solvent.life. The legal department is tasked with providing comprehensive documentation and clarifying any aspects of Solvent.Life's data processing and protection measures to ensure stakeholders are fully informed of their data rights and the security measures in place.

Engagement with Solvent.Life’s services constitutes the user’s acknowledgment of and agreement to the terms specified in this DPA, reflecting a mutual commitment to upholding the highest standards of data protection and privacy for all users and clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What legal framework does Solvent.Life operate under?

What legal framework does Solvent.Life operate under?

How does Solvent.Life collect and use my data?

How does Solvent.Life collect and use my data?

Can I access or delete my data from Solvent.Life?

Can I access or delete my data from Solvent.Life?

How is my data secured on Solvent.Life?

How is my data secured on Solvent.Life?

Where can I report a concern or violation related to Solvent.Life’s services?

Where can I report a concern or violation related to Solvent.Life’s services?

Frequently Asked Questions

What legal framework does Solvent.Life operate under?

How does Solvent.Life collect and use my data?

Can I access or delete my data from Solvent.Life?

How is my data secured on Solvent.Life?

Where can I report a concern or violation related to Solvent.Life’s services?

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Interested in learning more?

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Solvent.Life™ LLC is a subsidiary of Solvent.Life™ LTD, working closely to achieve aligned goals and leveraging the parent company's resources for enhanced innovation and customer service.

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Get exclusive content and become a part of the Solvent.Life™ community.

Solvent.Life™ LLC is a subsidiary of Solvent.Life™ LTD, working closely to achieve aligned goals and leveraging the parent company's resources for enhanced innovation and customer service.

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Get exclusive content and become a part of the Solvent.Life™ community.

Solvent.Life™ LLC is a subsidiary of Solvent.Life™ LTD, working closely to achieve aligned goals and leveraging the parent company's resources for enhanced innovation and customer service.

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