API Documentation

API Documentation

Welcome to the Solvent.Life API Documentation, your comprehensive guide to integrating and leveraging the powerful capabilities of Solvent.Life within your trading applications and workflows. Our APIs provide seamless access to a suite of features, including AI-driven market insights and real-time data streams, by harnessing the advanced technologies of Open AI and Oanda.


Solvent.Life's APIs are designed for developers and traders who wish to customize their trading experience, automate strategies, and integrate sophisticated financial analytics into their own platforms. Through our collaboration with Open AI and Oanda, we ensure that our users have access to cutting-edge artificial intelligence insights and reliable trading execution.

Key Features

  • Open AI Integration: Access to AI-driven analytics and predictions, allowing you to incorporate advanced market insights into your trading algorithms.

  • Oanda Trading Execution: Seamlessly execute trades and access forex and CFD market data through our Oanda integration, offering a reliable and efficient trading experience.

  • Real-Time Data Streams: Utilize APIs to stream live market data directly into your applications, ensuring you're always informed with the latest market movements.

Getting Started with Solvent.Life's API

  1. API Key Generation: Start by requesting an API key from Solvent.Life. This key will authenticate your applications and allow access to our services.

  2. Documentation Overview: Familiarize yourself with our API endpoints, request formats, and response types by reviewing the detailed documentation provided.

  3. Integration Examples: Explore our repository of code examples and integration guides to understand how to best utilize the Solvent.Life API in your projects.

Usage Guidelines

  • Ensure that all API calls are secured and authenticated using your API key.

  • Be mindful of rate limits to maintain optimal performance and avoid service disruptions.

  • Regularly update your integration to leverage new features and improvements in the Solvent.Life platform.

Support and Community

  • Developer Support: For technical queries or assistance with API integration, reach out to our dedicated developer support team at api-support@solvent.life.

  • Community Forum: Join the Solvent.Life developer community to share insights, ask questions, and collaborate on innovative trading solutions.


Solvent.Life's API offers a powerful toolset for enhancing your trading applications with sophisticated analytics and market data. By integrating with Open AI and Oanda, we provide our users with comprehensive tools necessary for informed decision-making and efficient trading execution. Dive into our documentation to start building with Solvent.Life today, and unlock the full potential of your trading strategies.

For detailed API documentation, including endpoint specifications and usage examples, please visit our API Documentation portal or contact our support team for further assistance.

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