Known Issues and Bug Reports

Known Issues and Bug Reports

In our commitment to transparency and continuous improvement, the Known Issues & Bug Reports section serves as a centralized hub where users can stay informed about current technical challenges and their status on the Solvent.Life platform. This proactive approach allows us to maintain an open line of communication with our users and work collaboratively towards solutions.

Reporting Bugs and Issues

How to Report: If you encounter a bug or a technical issue, please report it through our dedicated support channel at or use the bug report feature within the Solvent.Life platform. Provide as much detail as possible, including the steps to reproduce the issue, screenshots, and the type of device or browser you're using.


No current known issues & or bugs.

Bug Resolution Process

  1. Issue Identification: Once a bug is reported, our team quickly works to identify the cause and scope of the issue.

  2. Prioritization: Issues are prioritized based on their impact, with critical bugs affecting functionality or security addressed first.

  3. Resolution and Testing: Our development team implements fixes and thoroughly tests them in a staging environment to ensure the issue is fully resolved.

  4. Deployment: Once a fix is confirmed, it is deployed to the live platform during scheduled maintenance windows to minimize disruption.

  5. Notification: Users affected by the issue will be notified once it is resolved. Major updates are also communicated through our Community Forums and platform updates.

How Users Can Help

  • Be Detailed in Your Reports: The more information you can provide about an issue, the easier it is for our team to identify and fix it.

  • Stay Updated: Keep your Solvent.Life application up to date to benefit from the latest fixes and improvements.

  • Check the Known Issues List: Before reporting an issue, check the known issues list to see if it's already being addressed.

Our Commitment

We understand that issues and bugs can impact your trading experience, and we're dedicated to resolving them efficiently. Our team is continually working to enhance the stability and performance of the Solvent.Life platform, and we appreciate the community's support and understanding as we strive to provide the best possible service.

For the latest information on known issues, fixes, and updates, please visit our Community Forums or contact our support team. Together, we can ensure that Solvent.Life remains a powerful tool for traders worldwide.

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